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RATING: Probably about a PG level, because there's only some minor stuff; a little swearing *blocked out* some kissing and stuff that ain't all that serious. Nothing sexual, cuz I just don't wanna think about that! If you consider anything like 'the above named' offending, leave now or forever hold your peace. =)
THANKS: Thanks so much 2 Alana, cuz w/o her, none of this would be here! Thanks to Diana and Walker Hanson for producing such wonderful offspring that rock my world, to Hanson for kickin' major ass, and to all my buds who have helped me when I get writing block.
COPYRIGHT: I am not, I repeat, NOT associated with anyone from Mercury Records (or whoever the hell they are now, Island Records or sumthing? Whatever!) and do not know or am associated with Hanson or any members of their family. (damn!) Please don't take my ideas, they're mine, I've thought of them on the day my twisted brain goes wacko and has the irresistible urge to write. =)
NOTE: Sign the guesbook! Sign it, e-mail me, whatever! Tell me what you think! If you don't, I will track you down, pour syrup over your head and attack you with feathers! Same goes if you steal my ideas =)

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Don't Walk Away

We Are Young

No More Silent Tears

Have You Ever?






Christmas Again


non existant


'Eternally Yours'


Tough Potatoes

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